Links of Interest

Other Sites

Below are links to old websites on my domain that are generally inactive and aren't updated anymore, but I just didn't have the heart to delete them:

~Cyberpetapalooza: The very first website I ever created circa 1995. In case you're not familiar with cyberpets, basically how it worked was people would "adopt" an egg or something and after a certain amount of time it would "hatch" into a dragon or some other critter. I spent so much time on this when I was a teen, I can't take it down!

~Pixel Ponies: Going with the theme of cyberpets, I played a little game called Pixel Ponies when I was younger that was lots of fun. I keep the site up in honor of the game creator and out of respect for her talent.

~Adventures in Japan: An active journal that I used to keep friends and family informed when I lived in Japan for almost a year. Ahhhh...the memories. I can't bring myself to delete this site either.

Other Off-Site Links for Chrystine
Below are offsite links to Chrystine's stuff, including both active and inactive sites:

~Deviant Art (active)

~Smack Jeeves (active)

~Elfwood (updated yearly)

~Digital Photographer (inactive)

~Sheezy Art (inactive)

~VCL (inactive)

~Art Wanted (inactive)

~Digital Photographer (inactive)

Chrystine's Social Media Links
Because of course I'm on social media:





Friends and Family
Below are links to websites of friends and family. All of them are super talented and/or entertaining, so you should definitely check them out:

~Skifi's Crew


~We Are Cosplay

~Costumers With A Cause

Chrystine's Favorite Sites
Below are links to some of my favorite or most frequented sites. If you're bored, or are looking for a good product, check them out!

~Adagio Teas (some of the best tea EVER!)

~My Fitness Pal (a great tool if you're on a diet/exercise plan)

~Metromix Chicago Events (one of my sources for fun things to do)

~Events12 (another good source for what's going on in Chicagoland and other big cities)

~This is Why I'm Broke (the name says it all, the stuff on here is cool)

~Memebase (hours of funny entertainment)

~Fark (real news, funny titles)