Chrystine's Comics
Okay, so originally the comics were split up into categories: Sporadically Social, Laughed at by My Cat, and From the Interwebs. Sporadically Social was mostly about my little misadventures with human interaction. Laughed at by My Cat mostly was about how funny my kitties are. And From The Interwebs were completely unoriginal ideas I shamelessly stole from the internet, usually random online quotes that I wanted to put a picture to.

But then I realized that keeping them seperated was more work. So instead I combined them into one comic: Somewhat Disturbed. Yeah, it's not always original (and I don't claim them to be) but they're all drawn, inked, colored and put together by me as dated. Read, enjoy, and if you take offense to any of them suck it up and don't bother me about it. Ta ta!